Started in the 1930’s and incorporated in 1946, Pacific Fixture Company is a third-generation family-owned business with extensive experience in store fixture manufacturing and installation.  Our 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in the Los Angeles suburb of  Sylmar, California, with abundant warehousing space available nearby.  We average 16 full-time employees and recent annual sales volumes have ranged from $2.2 to $3.1 million.  While we are a national company, we specialize in the western U.S. with 95% of our projects located in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

When my grandfather started this company over 70 years ago, he knew that we could  “do well by doing good”.  I am proud to say that we still follow his model of honesty, integrity and ethical practices.

For our customers:
Our customers know that we build quality goods at honest prices.  They know they will not be gouged on change-order additions and that they will receive full credit due with reductions in scope.  We have built our reputation on quality, trust and teamwork.

For our employees:
Our employees earn fair wages and receive health, dental and vision insurance, paid holidays, sick and vacation pay, and a retirement plan.  As a result, the majority of our employees have been with us 10+ years.

For our environment:
We don’t approve of the ‘greenwashing’ that businesses are currently flaunting.  We have always addressed pollution issues and sustainability as the right thing to do, not a marketing gimmick.  For instance, we have used water-based adhesives since the 1990s and have refused to become involved in projects that use questionable materials.  We are continuously implementing new ideas into our on-going recycling and energy-saving programs, such as the many skylights in our new facility that will  substantially reduce our energy use.

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